Operations Advisor

Randy Perkins is the Founder and Chairman of AshBritt Environmental, the nation’s leader in U.S. disaster response and recovery operations. Since its founding in 1992, AshBritt has executed more than 230 disaster response and recovery missions and numerous special environmental projects across the U.S., including the largest single U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) contract for debris cleanup ever, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. AshBritt is currently the USACE contractor for the South Atlantic Division (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina) and the South Pacific Division (California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Utah). AshBritt’s expertise and experience in the disaster industry is unmatched. In the last five years, AshBritt managed over 13,000,000 cubic yards of debris serving over 170 towns, cities, counties, agencies, states, and special jurisdictions.

In 2016, Randy transitioned from his day-to-day role as Chief Executive Officer to focus on the AshBritt Foundation, his work with mental health, and other business and philanthropic endeavors. The AshBritt Foundation supports communities impacted by disaster or crisis and internal and external workforce development and job training programs, with a focus on working with veterans.

Randy sits on the Board of Directors of Lauren’s Kids and the Overtown Youth Center and has held leadership roles in many national and international nonprofit organizations. A native of South Florida, Randy is an avid fisherman and outdoors enthusiast. He enjoys running, mountain biking, and swimming, especially with his 4 daughters.

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