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Temporary Infrastructure & Shelters

Providing innovative and transformable emergency response solutions that increase working capacity for Emergency Management. Our temporary infrastructure and shelter designs maximize common framework space area into essential life-sustaining shelters to service the needs of communities. Equipped with amenities, our ADA compliant Temporary Structures offer services that include mobile showers and bathroom trailers, potable water, heavy-duty cots, linen, laundry service, power generation, sleep kits, GFI Stringers 10’x10′ partitions, and more.


AshBritt has been at the forefront of this pandemic, working together with frontline responders to lift the burden of COVID-19 response. As a full-service, single-source contractor, AshBritt provides wrap-around management and staffing for testing sites, monoclonal infusion therapy, field hospitals, and for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. Our team is highly experienced at managing emergency response and logistics projects, including pandemic response on state and federal emergency contracts. AshBritt’s proven capabilities underline our steadfast commitment to delivering easily adaptable and transformative emergency response solutions to communities throughout multiple phases of this pandemic.

This video captures the caliber of services AshBritt provides to communities in their time of need, and our role in supporting this global public health effort in partnership with cities, counties, and states.

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