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Emergency Services

AshBritt is a full-service, single-source contractor able to coordinate and deliver turnkey emergency response, environmental remediation, and recovery and restoration services. We can minimize the worry and confusion surrounding a client’s recovery, restoration, and build-back needs following a major event. Through our own resources and through our teaming partners, we will ensure that these vital offerings are handled professionally, completely, and expertly.

Emergency Water/Ice – Supplies of water in gallon, 2-ltr bottles, or bulk potable water tankers; supplies of bagged ice (50-100lb), reefers/fridges, as needed, delivered to a central distribution points within 24 hours. Logistical managers and POD supervisors to oversee the orderly distribution and tracking of provisions.

Emergency Housing – Secured temporary housing and turnkey base camps to support local and out-of-area relief workers, representatives and residents can be established within 48-72 hours following a major event. Base camps will be scaled and equipped to meet event scenarios. Hard-sided and soft-sided tents, CONEX systems, or other modular structures can be supplied and fully managed.

Mobile Kitchen and Shower Units – As an extension to camps or as specific areas, these units, serving for disaster support workers, local representatives, and residents can be delivered, set up, and powered by generators within 48 hours. Multiple configurations and output available. Full oversight and maintenance of facilities.

Canteen, Commissary and Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) – Full canteen and commissary services, serving hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as mid-rations can be established, and expanded to support local relief representatives, workers, volunteers and residents; MREs and heater meals can also be distributed systematically.

Emergency Power Generation – Temporary power generation for critical facilities can be delivered, set up, and maintained if the normal power supply is disrupted. Emergency light towers can be delivered and distributed throughout the affected area and work sites.

Light Sources – Provision of light and power sources within 24 hours of request from the Authority. Capable of supplying these items to multiple locations simultaneously without interruption. Supply of necessary light towers and power plants site-wide, as required.

Satellite Service/Communication Infrastructure – Satellite telecommunication service can be supplied, to a greater or lesser extent, contingent on the magnitude of the event and scope of damage. Services will support telephone and online internet access. Various equipment/configurations available depending on scenario.

Emergency Fuel Supply – Through strategic coordination and partnerships with wholesale fuel distributors, fuel can be supplied immediately and as necessary to maintain continuity of vital services.

Temporary Offices, Warehousing, and Container Storage – Mobile command centers, temporary offices, critical document and asset warehousing, and storage containers (CONEX or other) can be supplied in any configuration to meet local needs. Temporary prison facilities can also be delivered and maintained.

POD Manpower & Equipment – All necessary manpower, management organization, equipment and supplies (i.e., forklifts, pallet jacks, lighting, hygiene stations, traffic devices, trash collections, etc.), community relations and security personnel, and other provisions to safely and efficiently deliver water, ice, meals, tarps, food supplies or any other commodity or supplies.

Emergency Barge Transport – When major bridges and access routes to areas surrounded by water are damaged and transportation is impeded due to storm damage, vital equipment and supplies may require transport by barge. Multiple major vendors and subcontractors are committed to AshBritt.

Emergency Roof Tarping, and Repair – Coordination and work of temporarily patching roofs when permanent repairs cannot be made immediately, mitigating further damage. Multiple, experienced crews can be deployed. Also, distributing tarps to residents from PODs.

Fire Suppression Support – Provision of water trucks and personnel as necessary to augment local water supply systems. Trucks with minimum capacities of 2000 gallons, which are filled and outfitted with valves compatible with fire hose connections meeting NFPA standards.

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