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Waterway & Marine Debris

AshBritt provides vessel recovery; underwater welding and salvage; debris removal from canals and waterways; deployment of divers; deployment of remote operated vessel (ROV); deployment of barge and landing craft as work platforms for equipment and supply transport; mechanical and hydraulic dredging of canals, marinas and navigable waterways. In 2012, New Jersey tasked AshBritt to remove vessels from the bay following Hurricane Sandy.

Vehicle & Vessel Removal

AshBritt is able to conduct removal, transport and disposal of abandoned vehicles, boats and other vessels to include aggregation staging; inventorying and indexing for easy location and retrieval; Information dissemination; owner contact; and supplemental investigations for proper disposition will be conducted. AshBritt also conducts decontamination and recycling of vehicles and vessels and has a significant amount of experience removing abandoned vehicles.

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AshBritt is committed to working with small and minority owned businesses.