Vice President/Regional Manager

Jason Fawcett is an executive leader with extensive experience managing multifaceted business environments. Using both strategic and calculated initiatives; Jason brings an extensive and diverse track record of success delivering sensible and customer focused satisfaction.

Jason’s focus of experience and knowledge has been building companies that focus on operational excellence within the multiple industries. By utilizing both tactical and calculated leadership strategies with an importance on revenue growth, budget management, change management, operations and process management, business management, finance, human resource, safety compliance, branding, business development and inventory management functions.

Jason is a persistent and exceptional leader who acts with nothing but a ‘win/win’ mentality and settles for delivering nothing less than the best for the clients and to his team.


Jason’s expertise includes all facets of the multi-industries with practical and management oversight including:

  • Commercial Grounds and Facilities Maintenance
  • Wetlands and environmental engineering
  • Utility line clearance and vegetation management
  • Commercial & Residential Irrigation
  • Construction/Service/Installations
  • Commercial Snow & Ice Control
  • Farm and estate management
  • Refuse Control
  • Logistics Management and fleet management
  • Wetlands restoration
  • Hurricane and emergency storm response and planning and woodland fire response and recovery
  • Disaster Recovery and Planning
  • Hazard tree and debris management systems
  • Rapid emergency responses and procedures to include NIMS and FEMA systems
  • OSHA -30 hour training
  • Hazardous Materials Response and planning
  • Contracts and procurement
  • Budget planning and oversight