Business & Client Relations Manager

Credited as an environmental steward, Dilia Camacho offers 24 years of combined experience from the private and public sectors. Her diverse background includes nine years of county government experience in the Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Industry. Specializing in maintaining regulatory and contractual compliance for solid waste operations, facilities, hazardous waste collection and disposal, waste reduction, and recycling, along with emergency disaster recovery management. Ms. Camacho spearheaded Hurricane Irma’s Disaster Recovery Mission in Collier County, Florida. Her role was instrumental in managing the recovery process for restoring storm-impact areas utilizing local governmental, municipal, and district support and resources.
Her sustainable contributions have influenced forward-thinking methodologies within the community through the successful development and management of the County’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs. Through grassroots initiatives, education outreach, proper recycling, and reuse, the Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs increased the countywide recycling rate by 28%. This platform was the foundation for the efficient management, collection, processing, and disposal of 3.6 million cubic yards of vegetative storm debris. All of which utilized for beneficial reuse, saving valuable landfill airspace for future generations.

Ms. Camacho is also a seasoned professional that is well-versed in the logistics and transportation industry. She has over ten years of experience managing international import/export distribution channels from various U.S. ports to foreign trade routes throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.