On Friday, July 12th AshBritt Chairman, Randy Perkins hosted a special luncheon for Overtown Youth Center students in Miami. In a Facebook post Overtown Youth Center described the events as, “a very special opportunity”.

Randy Perkins a long-standing supporter of the Overtown Youth Center, “talked about life challenges, perseverance, hard work and dedication. The founder of AshBritt; named after two of his daughters, pledged his commitment to mentor youth who are interested in pursuing a vocational trade. “I am personally committed to helping each of you make your dreams come true” -said Perkins.”

See more photos from the event at the Overtown Youth Center’s Facebook page:[0]=68.ARAw_5RTTp_4CCCwON-RIkgK_gxJ1hSaFUrFPD9y9mZVdCgDqRS4TYQNr-gnhghDArZAUZxa2LxKpKhucgQBCBxhrl4EXUcoh7BcWjnjPXimeBOHJcXD4AB_E1aadMa8d26BCm9npR3XHy0yG4VBOuwPxW26KLmMNABpOgx6gW8FoazWwblGm1HkUWneroUn9mH-QzigUyBO-K8hIPOtfEJH4iERy3t0wufVFU_IiB5FZVwkQHpoRjO6QUtD2FgK4TEx81dI-nX4X9nPs_xN0nqCthDsB_Tncb_1UyhSkfcw0bb_7FtaBf4-C0qAH8WlfQQA5eNa74svHHqpYP0ATNjUuA&__tn__=-R