May 14, 2019


After more than a year and a half of setbacks Hardin County Strong was able to assist Mr. S and his son with the outright purchase of their home today. Three organizations, including AshBritt, came together today to ensure Hardin County Strong could fund the purchase of the FEMA-issued Mobile Home Unit that the family has been living in post-storm. AshBritt played a significant role in funding the purchase of the home and participated in the acknowledgement of the purchase of the home at the Hardin County Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. S and his son delighted in showing the board meeting attendees the deed to their new permanent home.  Mr. S is a veteran and his son is an active member of the community who is passionate about his job at a local museum. AshBritt is the emergency disaster debris removal contractor for Hardin County.

AshBritt is a national turn-key rapid-response disaster recovery and environmental services contractor. AshBritt has conducted more than 330 disaster response missions and 30 special environmental projects, successfully serving more than 600 clients.

The AshBritt Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the AshBritt organization aimed at further serving communities long after the immediate recovery ends. AshBritt team members may only temporarily live and work in disaster impacted regions, but we become members of the community where we live and serve.