AshBritt Environmental is taking a stance for Sexual Assault Awareness Month by supporting Lauren’s Kids’ “Walk in My Shoes,” a peaceful march to  encourage support and passage of all pending legislation that will protect children from sexual assault.  Lauren Book-Lim, Lauren’s Kids’ founder and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, is leading a 500 mile walk that began on April 2 in the parking lot of Aventura Mall and will cross the finish line on April 20 at the steps of the State Capitol in Tallahassee, as the legislative session comes to a close.  AshBritt donated the services of one of its motor coaches, which is typically utilized to house AshBritt’s “first responders” during disaster response and recovery operations.  The motor coach will follow Book-Lim and her supporters throughout the 500 mile journey with food, water and other essential items.  Tim Mooney, Regional Marketing Manager of AshBritt, walked alongside Lauren with his two young grandchildren during the kick-off for “Walk in My Shoes.”

“AshBritt Environmental is a company that believes in helping the community – whether that means picking up debris after a storm, or walking alongside a young woman who endured a tragic event and is working towards giving a voice for other sexual assault victims,” said Mooney.  “We are honored to be a part of Lauren’s ‘Walk in My Shoes’ demonstration that will hopefully generate passion for this cause from around the