Christopher is a FEMA Debris/Public Assistance specialist who earned his Masters of Public Administration with a specialization in Emergency Management from Florida State University. He is a licensed EMT, Private Pilot, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, and minors in Emergency Management and Urban Regional Planning at Florida State University. Christopher has tenure working for the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) Mitigation Bureau, where he assisted in the formulation of mitigation plans as well as doing research for the Governors’ South Atlantic Alliance on Private Public Partnerships for short-term economic recovery. After some time in the Mitigation Bureau, he entered into the Recovery Bureau assisting Florida sub-grantees with the FEMA Public Assistance program. Christopher was an instructor for the FEMA G202 Debris Management course, assisted in formulating debris related appeals for FDEM sub-grantees, reviewed and submitted Debris Management Plans for the PA Alternative Procedures Pilot Program under the Sandy Recovery Improvement Act, was a Public Assistance Coordinator under FDEM for the FEMA Fire Management Assistance Grant Program (FMAG), as well as reviewed Florida county, city, municipality, and special jurisdictions contracts and RFP’s for FEMA and CFR compliance. Christopher has completed over 25 FEMA training courses related to the FEMA Public Assistance, Individual Assistance, and Emergency Management recovery programs. He has received his FEMA Professional Development Series certificate and completed courses towards the Advanced Professional Series certificate. Since joining AshBritt he has assisted our communities in maximizing their federal cost share during declared disasters as well as reinforcing FEMA policies to ensure they retain maximum federal grant dollars without de-obligation.