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  • AshBritt Activated By San Bernardino County For Blue Cut Fire

    San Bernardino County Office of Emergency Services activated AshBritt to provide base camp resources and donation management support in response to the Blue Cut Fire that scorched over 36,000 acres. Some of the items and services provided were portable toilets, hand wash stations, showers, refrigerator & freezer trailers and more....

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  • AshBritt Called To Action In Lake County For 2015 Valley Fire

    AshBritt is currently finishing a hazardous tree removal project for Lake County, CA. Operations are focused on felling, trimming, and chipping of fire damaged and destroyed trees in the ROW and on private property. Throughout this project, we are abiding by all FEMA Fire Management Assistance Grant Program (FMAG)...

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  • AshBritt Rapidly Responds To Soberanes Fire In Monterey County

    AshBritt Rapidly Responds to the Soberanes Fire in Monterey County, CA Monterey County, CA activated AshBritt, Inc. in response to the Soberanes Fire that scorched over 90,062 acres. AshBritt rapidly responded and mobilized equipment/manpower to the disaster area to manage the hazardous debris clean-up and tree removal operations that impacted the County’s Right of Ways....

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