AshBritt was the initial response prime contractor for the USACE in both Louisiana (LA) and Mississippi (MS). Within the first 30 days following contract activation, AshBritt initiated debris removal operations in 11 Louisiana jurisdictions as well as the causeway on Highway 90. Additionally, USACE assigned AshBritt, by task order, to service 16 separate jurisdictions in Mississippi covering over 8,400 square miles providing debris removal operations from the coast to over 175 miles inland. In Louisiana, AshBritt:

  • Identified and designated collection zones in each jurisdiction
  • Sourced, retained and assigned subcontractors for all collection zones
  • Provided emergency quarters and hygiene facilities for more than 300 government personnel
  • Established a commissary that served more than 10,000 meals during the course of the event
  • Provided over 50,000 gallons of emergency diesel fuel for initial operations in LA, avoiding any equipment downtime.
  • Developed and staffed 26 debris management sites (DMS) in LA throughout the affected areas
  • Collected and hauled over 1,000,000 cubic yards of debris in less than five weeks.
  • Removed 19 tons of putrefied food from commercial cold storage facilities in Orleans Parish.

In Mississippi, we collected, hauled and processed 20.5 million cubic yards of vegetative debris and wreckage while staffing, managing and operating 52 DMS. AshBritt specifically:

  • Hauled over 700,000 loads of debris
  • Utilized 12,380 certified operational vehicles
  • Employed and managed 1,230 subcontractors and over 1,000 local personnel
  • Decontaminated and recycled 25,007 refrigerators and 1900 tons of spoiled food.
  • Removed 340,062 hazardous hanging limbs
  • Removal 183,408 hazardous leaning trees
  • Backfilled 1,814 private pools


“The City of Pass Christian is a satisfied customer of the AshBritt/Army Corps partnership, which helped clean up the wreckage left by Katrina. You truly made a positive difference, not only by completing the work in a professional and timely manner but as importantly by putting devastated local citizens to work as crew members and employees. It is our understanding from these citizens that men and women from all walks of life, who had lost nearly everything, picked up meaningful work and paychecks by working for AshBritt. At the time, there was nowhere else for them to turn for work and for this we are eternally grateful.”
-Leo McDermott, Mayor, City of Pass Christian, MS

I have been requested by the Hancock County Board of Supervisors to personally thank you, your employees and contractors that served Hancock County in the demolition and debris removal process conducted through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers following Hurricane Katrina. Hancock County greatly appreciates the demolition and debris removal services performed by your company and was very pleased with the quality of your work and the relationship forged with our citizens. Your company’s efforts were crucial in allowing us to begin our recovery process. Again, on behalf of Hancock County we would like to thank you and your company for the work and effort provided in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. This was a monumental task the scope of which was previously unseen in our country that could not have been completed without you.
-Ronald J. Artigues, Jr., Hancock County Board of Supervisors, Hancock County, MS


Our debris management operations were concluded one year to the day from when Hurricane Katrina made landfall along the LA and MS coastline. AshBritt received special recognition from the USACE for the services performed during the largest debris mission ever awarded to a single contractor after a natural disaster event.