Hurricane Sandy

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Project Detailsx

Response Date: March 2013
Location:69 Jurisdictions throughout the States of New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, and Virginia

Key Factsx

  • Hauled 64,891 loads of debris
  • Utilized 1,755 certified operational vehicles
  • Employed and managed 94 subcontractors, 70 of which were domiciled in NJ
  • Deployed 36 Tree crews to remove 5,000 hazardous trees and 45,000 dangerous hanging limbs
  • Removed and disposed of 2,900 drums (55gal) of HHW
  • Collected, hauled and processed 60 tons of e-waste
  • Collected, hauled and processed 20,000 white goods – 5,000 contained Freon, all were delivered to local recycling centers
  • Utilized multiple sand screening machines to screen 200,000 cubic yards of sand that was washed from the beaches into the public streets
  • Located, established and operated a vessel aggregation area for 42 sunken or submerged vessels recovered by AshBritt.


AshBritt was activated by the state of New Jersey and 53 municipalities. AshBritt identified and designated collection zones in each municipal jurisdiction. We sourced, retained and assigned subcontractors for all collection zones. We developed, staffed and operated 42 DMS sites throughout the affected areas and collected and hauled 3,000,000 cubic yards of debris in 90 days. In total 3,171,531 cubic yards removed, managed, processed and disposed.