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Response Date: October 1, 2008 – February 10, 2009
Location: Texas


On September 13th, 2008 Hurricane Ike made landfall in eastern TX as a strong Category 2 hurricane bringing winds of 100 mph as well as significant storm surge. AshBritt responded to 15 jurisdictions in the state of Texas in order to assist with various disaster recovery needs. AshBritt has identified two signature projects that were conducted in order to give a better overview of the type of services AshBritt provided during this event.

Orange County, TX

September 14, 2008 – February 10, 2009
The winds brought down numerous limbs and trees but also caused widespread flooding throughout the County due to the storm surge causing the Sabine River to overflow its banks and flood the City municipalities that are located along the banks of the Sabine River. The debris stream from this project was not only vegetation due to the high winds but also contained a substantial amount of construction and demolition debris due to the flooding that occurred. AshBritt and our subcontractors:

  • Collected, processed and disposed of 620,000 CY of disaster generated debris.
  • Collected over 6,400 large truckloads of disaster-related debris
  • Utilized more than 130 hauling vehicles
  • Tasked with the drying out and restoration of 17 county-owned buildings that had been inundated by floodwaters
  • Tasked with asbestos abatement of 35 residential homes that had to be condemned due to floodwater inundation. AshBritt’s certified asbestos abatement crews removed shingles, siding, tile and other materials that contained friable asbestos and disposed of it per local regulations.

Galveston, TX

October 1, 2008 – October 26, 2008
AshBritt provided services for debris collection, removal, temporary storage, management, reduction and lawful disposal. This mission was unique due to the abundance of historic buildings that were damaged and needed environmental attention. Work consisted of:

  • Handled over 11,000 White Goods, of which 4,300 required Freon Extraction and 4,800 required decontamination owing to putrescent food and other substances.
  • Collected and processed over 2,200 E-waste units
  • Collected and processed over 195,000 pounds of household hazardous waste (HHW).
  • We collected approximately 7,500 loads of debris utilizing 140 hauling vehicles.
Every aspect of our disaster response package was required, and I can say without hesitation that AshBritt executed every item and service in a timely and professional manner. All deadlines were met and in most cases arrived considerably sooner than anticipated. AshBritt provided cut out and drying of all County buildings, records preservation and restoration, debris management (vegetative, C&D, HHW, E-Waste and white goods), along with many other services. The logistical support provided by AshBritt included generators, food, water, fuel, portable offices, shower units and many other items. Since enlisting their services, my experience with AshBritt has been extremely positive. They have exceeded all expectations each time I have called upon them to respond. Every call to AshBritt with a question or concern has resulted in immediate response. The yearly training that they provide for us has been invaluable, and has helped me bring together many jurisdictions in our area. Every AshBritt representative I have been in contact with has shown nothing but the highest degree of professionalism. We have been duly impressed with their services, and would recommend them for any services they offer. -Charlie Kelly, Emergency Management Coordinator, Galveston, TX
I have worked with AshBritt, Inc. for 4+ years. Each year they take the extra steps to visit and train with us at the start of Hurricane Season. Because of their extra effort and professionalism, I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service that your company provided during Hurricane Ike last year. We are very pleased with the quality of service and sincerely appreciate your responsiveness. AshBritt, Inc. provided outstanding project management as well as tremendous resources and excellent services to the City of Galveston during the course of cleaning up after Hurricane Ike. AshBritt’s management team has demonstrated excellent professionalism and provided great expertise and knowledge due to their professional experience in the disaster response and recovery industry. I highly recommend AshBritt for any work relating to disaster recovery services in the cleaning up of storm debris. -Leo McDermott, Mayor, City of Pass Christian, MS