Hurricane Charley

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Project Detailsx

Response Date: August 2004
Location: Orange County, Charlotte County and Orlando, FL

Key Factsx

Removed a total of 3,274,186 cy of disaster debris


AshBritt collected and processed 3,274,186 cy of disaster debris, while disposing of approximately 547,400 cy of reduced vegetative waste and C&D. AshBritt managed 14 TDSR sites. Debris was reduced by grinding and compaction. Overall, 136,070 loads were managed for both debris collection and disposal, utilizing over 1,450 collection trucks and 550 disposal trucks. Debris was disposed of at 11 final disposal sites. Portions of reduced vegetative debris were diverted for beneficial agricultural use and fuel source. In addition, AshBritt conducted emergency pumping operations and Vac truck catch basin and sewer clearing.