About Us

AshBritt Environmental is a Florida-based, international rapid-response disaster recovery and special environmental services contractor. Since our inception in 1992, we have managed and executed more than two hundred and seventeen (217) disaster projects and multiple special environmental projects, successfully serving more than 500 clients. We have been directly involved in the debris recovery efforts of forty-five (45) federally declared major disasters in eighteen (18) states, beginning with Hurricane Andrew. Each of these recoveries was conducted under the authority and oversight of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), positioning us as one of the foremost experts in federally funded and monitored disaster-debris recovery missions.
This extensive experience has created an abundance of knowledge and expertise for our principals, managers, and personnel. Our senior management and technical consultants at present have more than 200 years of combined disaster-debris management experience and are intimately acquainted with all facets of disaster recovery, including debris removal, management, reduction, processing, recycling, and disposal, as well as emergency planning, damage mitigation and risk abatement. Most importantly, they are widely conversant with the Robert T. Stafford Act and 44 C.F.R., the resultant FEMA debris management policies, and the federal Public Assistance Program procedures and guidelines. As such, our team is able to manage recovery projects to fully maximize state and federal reimbursements.
We pride ourselves on our full-service, client-focused approach to disaster recovery, as we offer adept and balanced operational and administrative support; a factor often neglected and paid “lip service” in our industry. We fully appreciate the exigent nature, pressing schedules, and exacting demands of recovery efforts, and we have proven through our capabilities and wherewithal to be a professional, reliable and competent contracting partner. We have witnessed first hand the economic strain and demands that communities face in the aftermath of major disasters. Our careful management and sound financial capacity allow us to see even the largest of recovery projects through.
Our expertise, capabilities and financial strength were highlighted by our unprecedented accomplishments as the Prime Contractor for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ recovery mission for Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi. The Hurricane Katrina Mississippi recovery project was the largest and most varied debris mission by a single company in U.S. history. The lessons learned from this project as well as from our many other diverse past projects has allowed us to expand and fortify our technical and production abilities, making us the forerunner in the Disaster Recovery industry. At present, we are the USACE ACI prime contractor for the South Atlantic Division (SAD) (N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Alabama), and the South Pacific Division (SPD) (California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico). In addition, AshBritt has been awarded the backup contractor position for the Northwestern Division (NWD) (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas and Missouri), and the Mississippi Valley Division (MVD) (North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana and Mississippi).
Our ultimate success has always been underpinned by our commitment to caring management, direct communication, ethical business practices, and to unmatched quality control—values all leading to total client satisfaction (and, most importantly, grateful residents).