Deerfield Beach, FL –


AshBritt is proud to announce the launch of an innovative online training academy dedicated to educating a broad audience on critical disaster response phases. AshBritt is raising the bar in the industry by providing this training to clients and communities throughout the country.


The videos are designed to provide crucial private sector knowledge to a range of key stakeholders from public sector officials, to subcontractor partners, to Emergency Managers, to volunteers who work in communities post disaster. The online training portal will enable AshBritt to reach a wide audience despite COVID’s impact on in-person training opportunities.


The training topics include:

All About Debris,

5 Primary Safety Topics,

Monitoring 101 & Truck Certification, and

Debris Management 101.


The initiative is part of AshBritt’s long standing commitment to sharing insights from nearly 30 years in disaster response and recovery.


“AshBritt’s training academy videos will play a key role in establishing a more robust training and planning partnerships ensuring a more efficient recovery in disaster impacted communities,” said AshBritt CEO Brittany Castillo. “In addition to serving as a critical resource for individuals and organizations in disaster response, an additional goal is for the training academy videos to serve as a workforce development tool for those interested in disaster management.”


Visit the new AshBritt Training Portal at