AshBritt Inc. is excited to launch our “Community Messaging Pilot Campaign for Hurricane Preparedness.”  This platform aims to support and enhance your communication and education outreach bandwidth by utilizing media outlets that provide substantial marketing reach for public awareness.  The pilot campaign is comprised of two distinct elements.


First, starting with two pilot markets, South Florida and the Greater Houston Area, the campaign will provide public awareness to the general population through National Public Radio (NPR).  Favoring the 25-54 age group, (NPR) contains a market reach of 500,000 in South Florida and 1.6 million in the Greater Houston Area.


AshBritt will run ads in South Florida and the Greater Houston Area on local NPR affiliates in June 2020 to increase public awareness for family safety planning and preparation for hurricane season. Additionally, the ads will connect local businesses to partnership opportunities in the event of a natural disaster.  As an active contributor in community restoration, AshBritt works with local, small, and minority-owned businesses in storm impacted areas, providing employment that bolsters local recovery efforts. The ads will direct listeners to the AshBritt webpage, which will contain information and resources to guide families through their safety planning, storm preparedness, and assist businesses on how to register as a contractor with AshBritt.


Second, the campaign will partner directly with counties, cities, and other jurisdictions to support education efforts targeted to their community.  Local partners will have two options: (1) a Hurricane Preparedness radio campaign on a local station with a message unique to the community or (2) a direct mailing or online ad campaign distributing a residential guide for storm debris collection.  Both campaigns seek to add bandwidth to a local government’s current public outreach programs and initiatives.


To best serve the demographic areas and needs of the audience, AshBritt will work with our partners to include Spanish and other language content if requested.


For phase 2 of AshBritt’s pilot campaign, AshBritt is working with a handful of jurisdictions who previously expressed interest or otherwise identified through ongoing communications.  If you are interested to learn more about the success of the pilot program, to partner in the future, and to learn about other opportunities to engage with AshBritt’s community outreach, please contact Dilia Camacho.



Thank you in advance for your participation!



Dilia Camacho

Regional Manager

AshBritt, Inc.