Deerfield Beach, FL –


AshBritt Corporate Safety Manager Brett Postelli has published HIGH-HAZARD – ENERGETIC, REACTIVE & EXPLOSIVE MATERIALS: The High-Hazard Response Technician’s Guide to Extremely Hazardous Substances. The OSHA compliant handbook was created to provide High-Hazard Response Technicians (HHRT) hazardous substance information not traditionally found in one location.


“As the industry leader in emergency response, AshBritt implements the highest levels of safety protocols for our team members, our vendors, clients, and the communities we serve,” says AshBritt CEO, Brittany Perkins Castillo.  “With over 30 years of experience in public safety and private sector emergency response, we are pleased to have Brett Postelli leading AshBritt in this arena, and we congratulate him on this accomplishment.”


The HHRT guide is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as of March 2020.


AshBritt is a national turn-key rapid-response disaster recovery and environmental services contractor. AshBritt has conducted more than 330 disaster response missions and 30 special environmental projects, successfully serving more than 600 clients.