Excerpt from NaplesNews.com:

AshBritt Environmental Inc., the Deerfield Beach-based company hired to haul the piles of debris, drew resources from as far away as Washington, Pennsylvania, Ohio and California, and eventually “ramped up” collection efforts in Collier, Rodriguez said.

Jared Moskowitz, general counsel for AshBritt, noted that the cleanup in Collier was the biggest done in Florida after Irma, “2½ times” the next largest effort in the state, and said it was completed at one of the fastest paces ever.

Rodriguez said Collier “had the fastest recovery, based on our consultants and our contractors, in the nation. In 3½ months, 3.6 million cubic yards — that’s quicker than any contractor that has worked in Katrina or Sandy, some of the major events.”

Debris haulers investigated for Irma work

In the wake of the massive storm, some cities and counties across Florida tossed out prior contracts to pay debris collectors more to speed up collection.

But Collier stuck to its pre-storm contract with AshBritt and “had some of the lowest rates in the state,” Rodriguez said. He said Monroe County, for example, saw rates rise to more than $20 per cubic yard.


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